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students walking outside wheeler hallWe recognize that our University is a part of the larger surrounding community, and hope that our students will gain education for life during their time at Cal. The Code of Student Conduct is the primary source of behavioral expectations that the University has for our students. While we hope that the Code serves to educate students about their behavior, it does relate primarily to a student’s behavior on campus, near campus, and at University events. The Code should not be a replacement for landlord/tenant laws, city laws and reporting processes, or other resolution methods.

We hope that community members will role model and engage students in learning about the standards of the Berkeley community. We encourage community members and students to develop relationships and discuss expectations and remedies before problems develop. For example, neighbors who live near students can have conversations about appropriate levels of noise and local ordinances. Since the values of integrity, civility, and responsibility are more universal than the Code of Student Conduct, we hope that students and community members can discuss what these should look like even outside of the context of the University.

Information for the Community